Indonesian Apostolate Community New York. The "Meja" after "the Misa", prepared by Ibu-ibu. Thanks a lot for indonesian food. It was delicious.

I am who am, is the phrase God told to Moses in the mount Sinai. Now, Jesus ask you : “Who do you say am I?”
Dear brothers and sisters, in our first reading from the prophet Haggai, we hear the Lord asking us to get to work as well. “Do not Fear” he says at one point, “for I am with you”. Throughout the old and new testament we are reminded that the Lord is with us, and not to fear. So, rebuilding the temple to restore it to a glorious state, feels like a continuing assignment even today. Are we not always in the state of rebuilding that work which seems lost? We are certainly always in the continued work of rebuilding ourselves so that the Kingdom can be carried on to future generations. In today’s uncertain times, we are called back to look to the Lord for guidance in our actions. Always in a hurry, stepping out of the race allows us to see our world from a different perspective. Many have gone before and struggled in the same way, but here we are with our Faith handed down to this generation, and we must rely on the good Lord to help us preserve it for those who follow us.
Jesus asks in the Gospel reading from Luke “but who do you say that I am?” And this question likewise gives us pause, how we answer it and it will guide our work today. It is good that each day we stop to resound it in our interior. Dear brothers and sisters, ask it again.